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Dr. Stephen W. Parcell, ND

Dr. Stephen W. Parcell, ND
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NatureMed Integrative Medicine
5330 Manhattan Circle Suite B

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NatureMed Integrative Medicine * 5330 Manhattan Circle Suite B * Boulder, Colorado

303 884-7557 * NatureMedClinic.com
About Stephen W. Parcell N.D. & NatureMed Clinic:

We are truly an integrative clinic. Our medical director, who is also an oncologist/hematologist, is well-versed in nutritional therapies. Both Drs. Kelly and Steve Parcell have done extensive internships with prominent medical doctors and are naturopathic doctors.

WmQASxu7e7BOur philosophy: Every person and condition is unique, and we work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan that will offer the greatest benefit. By addressing the underlying cause of disease, we can optimize health, extend your “health span” and help you avert expensive medical procedures and illnesses. Your benefit is disease prevention and peace of mind.

We will spend the time it takes to answer all your questions and develop a detailed, long-term treatment plan that addresses all your health concerns.

When drugs and surgery are the best options we will recommend these or refer you to an appropriate specialist. If you are put on a prescription drug we will make sure you understand why it is important. If you need a referral, you will be referred to one of our hand-picked specialists.

What makes us unique? We are trained in Western, Eastern, alternative, complementary, integrative and holistic medicine. This training and experience allows us to “bridge the gap” between these different medical schools of thought.

NatureMed doctors:

stephen.w.parcellListen to our patients.
Attempt to find the underlying cause of disease.
Use the least invasive measures first.
Believe in the healing power of nature.
Aim to teach our patients (Doctor as Teacher) how to be well and stay well.

What is the first visit like? We use laboratory testing, detailed physical examination and medical history to assess each patient. A plan of action is usually decided upon on the first visit. Please bring in copies of all relevant lab tests to your initial visit. We are contracted with most local and national laboratories. We do phlebotomy on site. Initial visits can last up to 2 hours.

“Dare to Live” – By Stephen W. Parcell, ND

9781450282895_cover.inddThis book Dare to Live is about how to stop or reverse atherosclerosis, which is the cause of coronary artery disease and most heart attacks. In it I discuss why people get atherosclerosis—the process of plaque buildup in the arteries—and what can be done to prevent or reverse it. Rather than just tell readers what to do, I give them a good understanding of the biology of the disease, the rationale behind assessing risk for it, the purpose of the various tests I recommend, and the scientific evidence backing up my recommendations.

To date, no published books have addressed atherosclerosis from the naturopathic medical standpoint, or been written by a naturopathic doctor. Most authors have focused on a predominant theme regarding heart disease, such as the need for heart scans, supplements, or dietary changes. Many of the books are just diet books. To my knowledge, no one has put as much information about heart disease into a book for a general audience until now.

My topics include the role of blood viscosity in artery disease, and the role of lipoproteins; for instance, and why just treating cholesterol does not do a good job for preventing heart attacks. I also include a how-to guide on risk assessment, and the causes of plaque. The book includes an appendix of tests and scientific references for everything I suggest. The copious references should help people persuade their doctors agree to run many of the tests I suggest and understand the scientific rationale for the nutritional interventions.



  • Dr. Stephen W. Parcell, ND


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